Friday, 25 June 2010

Festival Update

Another week draws to a close, and we are officially past the longest day of the year, and for us at AIYF that means two things: Loads of work and a new office! Monday was a flurry of activity as we said goodbye to Regent Quay for the next wee while, moving to larger accomodation at the University of Aberdeen which will be our base right on through the festival.

The longest day of the year, Monday, was our moving day. Into the van went our remaining brochures, (yes, we still have plenty for those who would like any!), computer/ office equipment, and enough juice and water to satisfy a mini marathon. (You don't need my help to draw a comparison).

The University staff have been doing all they can to help us, and they are a major reason for a relatively smooth transition. We would like to thank the University for its continued support. Also instrumental in our big move were Capital Solutions, and we also pay tribute to them for their part in getting the new office up and running as quickly as possible.

So, right on into August, we are to be found at the New Kings building in the heart of the University of Aberdeen, Kings' College Campus. Our main office is located in room NK11 (left door as you face the building, up one flight of stairs, on the right). It will be our thriving hive of activity. One feature of our time here is that we all have direct lines:

Reception - 01224 273740 (All numbers preceeded by Aberdeen code 01224)

Stewart Aitken (Chief Executive) - 274339

Ruth Fisher (Festival Manager) - 274336

Flora Cook (Festival Administrator) - 274335

Andrew Youngson (Manager, Marketing and Communications) - 274333

Alisdair McLeod (Administration, Marketing and Communications) - 274338

HotDesk - 274334

Fast forward a few days and everything is up and running. Final preparation is beginning to take shape. There is now little more than a month until the start of the festival, and we are gearing up for more than a hundred shows, each with different groups, acts performers - and audiences. Because Festival Staff, busy as they are, work with the intended outcome of yet another successful festival, which means an extensive list of shows that are well worth seeing. You can find details about every single one at (Promise kept!) Our efforts for the whole year shall, ultimately, be judged between 28th July and 7th of August. But this is your festival as much as it is ours. So to ensure the Aberdeen International Youth Festival 2010 is every bit as good as you deserve it to be, make sure you are there to see as much of it as possible!

Friday, 11 June 2010


Aberdeen International Youth Festival officially launched its programme for 2010 with a 5-hour variety performance at Union Square. The launch began at Cineworld with a welcome to an audience predominantly comprising of friends, supporters and sponsors. The general public were then treated to a variety display in the main atrium.
The place was packed as dancers from Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Company took to the floor with a visually enthralling set of pieces including a dance from Travis and Jamie Tuft. The company, from Utah, America were here in Aberdeen as part of their tour and we are so glad they could join us for this curtain raiser.
The show continued with a rendition of songs from Chalmers Mackay School of Music, including their band Celtallica. This was just a small preview of what Chalmers Mackay will be bringing to the festival this year. If their performance at Union Square was anything to go by, they will be well worth seeing.
And so it continued, right on up until closing time, with acts that had everything from more music to street dance. If this is just a small glimpse of what will happen when the festival is actually underway, Aberdeen will be the only place to be come the 28th of July.
The event could not have gone as it did without the tremendous response we received from our team of volunteers, as well as present members of our office staff, who were on hand to give out as many brochures as the public demanded. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who gave their time to ensure the event ran smoothly.
We would also like to thank Cameron Presentations for staging the show. Their technical display and sound expertise were vital in making the show the best it could be. They were great to work with and the fact they are now in Aberdeen is very good news.
The press were also in attendance. In particular, coverage of the event can be seen on the front page of This Morning's Press and Journal. A video of the event is also available online from the Evening Express. We would like to thank them for their support.
So, full steam ahead for the festival, from 28th July - 7th August. Yesterday was just the beginning. Our full and varied programme will have something for everyone, and details are available in our brochure, and we have plenty! Alternatively, visit for a guide to all the shows.